Is rehabilitation a noun or adjective?

To rehabilitate his battered public image, he needs to do more than take selfies on the steps of City Hall. Once the turtles are rehabilitated in the next few months, Riley said, they will be released to where they were found. The only good news for Rubio is that his immigration tactic occurred soon enough for him to rehabilitate and recover. It didn't seem so bad; if Chicoutimi wasn't worse off, she could live there well enough to rehabilitate herself.

The 28-year-old point guard, who was twice All-Star with the Indiana Pacers, needs to rehabilitate his reputation and market value after two injury-plagued seasons and an unforgettable season with the Rockets. Cardinal Wiseman, in his beautiful story of Fabiola, tries to rehabilitate the primitive ages with the garb of modern Romanism. Sheriff's departments have a duty to provide care and rehabilitate people who enter through their doors. The goal, Metro staff said in a proposal that board members will review on Thursday, is “to improve system safety, good health and reliability while at the same time rehabilitating and modernizing the railway system.

This is clearly a step by Zimmerman to rehabilitate his image and, hopefully, be able to take advantage of his fame in the future.

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