3 Levels of Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know

Rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process for many people. It helps individuals regain their strength and endurance, and ultimately return to a healthy and active lifestyle. There are three main types of rehabilitation therapy: occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Each form of rehabilitation has its own unique purpose, but they all share the same ultimate goal.

Level 0.5 is known as Early Intervention Services. This is not a level of care, as it does not include rehabilitation. It is designed to help patients regain their strength and endurance to a specific level before they can stay in an inpatient rehabilitation center and undergo intensive care. Level 1 is Outpatient Services.

This type of rehabilitation is typically done on an outpatient basis, meaning that the patient does not stay overnight in the hospital or rehabilitation center. Instead, they come in for regular appointments with their therapist or doctor to work on their recovery goals. The highest level of rehabilitation is Level 2, which is Inpatient Services. This type of care requires the patient to stay overnight in the hospital or rehabilitation center for a period of time while they receive intensive care from a team of medical professionals.

During this time, the patient will work with their therapist or doctor to reach their recovery goals.

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