What are the four principles of rehabilitation?

The principles of rehabilitation promote adaptation, emphasize skills, treat the whole person, time, education and people-centered care. Most people are surprised to find out how their injury and the ensuing recovery period can cause muscle weakness and loss of endurance. Objective measures of muscle weakness and wear and tear are commonly seen after injury and surgery within 4-6 weeks. Minimizing muscle loss and strength deficits are important rehabilitation goals set out in your physical therapy program.

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The two main principles of motor learning to consider during rehabilitation are the amount and type of practice and the feedback available to the athlete. ACI Rehabilitation Network: Principles for Supporting Rehabilitation Care Page 1 “Rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process after surgery or a major injury. However, to use these resources wisely and effectively, it is important to understand the basic goals and principles of the rehabilitation process, as well as the limitations of what rehabilitation can and cannot do. There are seven principles of rehabilitation; the principles are the foundation on which rehabilitation is based.

The principles of motor learning help the rehabilitation professional to properly reintroduce movement patterns in the athlete. For this reason, the principle is widely used in the field of physical rehabilitation, where specific exercises are used to involve certain muscles or muscle groups.

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