What kind of word is rehabilitation?

Verb (used with object), re·ha·bil·i·tat·ed, re·ha·bil·i·tat·ing. To restore a state of good health, ability to work, or the like. To restore your good health, operation or administration, as a bankrupt company. I even think I wanted to rehabilitate him because of his violence.

Every year, the staff of WildCare, a California animal rescue organization, is tasked with rehabilitating hundreds of birds and other wild animals attacked by domestic cats outdoors. The company is known for brand rehabilitation and enjoys an enormous influence among suppliers and retail owners because of its size. Historically, police, courts, and prison officials have failed survivors by blaming the victim, dropping charges, and not attempting to rehabilitate offenders. The center had rehabilitated eaglets before and had recently returned one to its natural habitat with apparent success.

On the eve of the opening of his presidential library, can George W. Bush be rehabilitated? In the process of winning his second championship ring, James may have finally rehabilitated his public image. When the war ended, those workers were rehabilitated for the labor market. Voters rehabilitated a politician who has become a clown, a cartoon of a demagogue with the face of an orange pancake.

Here life was rehabilitated, it became wonderful and glorious; and I was glad to be alive. The character of the Templars is not rehabilitated by condemning the conduct of the king and the pope. The witch in the story is gone, and she can never be rehabilitated if that superstition had died with her. The aristocracy must be rehabilitated in the face of a very strong force of the third power.

He greeted Pippin pleasantly, admired the rehabilitated potato knife and thought his job must be a pleasant job in summer.

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